Company Profile

Support Instrumentations activities concentrate around Instrumentation and Control equipment. Our expertise is in looking beyond the single product to the complete control application and its effects.

The core of the companies business comes through the distribution and commissioning of selected Principle products which are well established, technically advanced, price competitive and well supported.

Principals, Products & Disciplines
  1. Siemens A&D Process Instrumentation Division
    Covering, Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Level, Valve Positioners & Analytical Products. Level Switches, Non Contact Level Transmitters Radar and Ultrasonic, Weigh feeders, Belt Scales, Solids Flow Meters
  2. Sigrist Process-Photometer
    Turbidity Meters / Analyzers (Liquid), Dust Measuring Devices / Dust Monitors, UV Absorption / Absorption Sensors, Oil-in-Water Analyzers, Multiparameter Water Quality Systems, Product Monitors, Tunnel Sensors
  3. Dresser Masoneilan
    Control Valves
  4. Baumer / Bourdon Haenni / Kamstrup
    Pressure & Signal conditioning, Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Pressure Switches
  5. Moore Industries
    Signal Conditioning & Pneumatic Converters
  6. Siemens Moore Products
    Moore Products booster relays (61VH/VHC, 61H F/R, 61F, 61FE, 61L & 610F), ValvePAC 760P Series Intelligent Valve Positioner Controller and Model 77 Electric-To-Pneumatic Transducers.
  7. Wika
    Chemical Seals, Pressure Gauges & Pressure Switches
  8. Delta Controls
    Pressure Switches and Transmitters
  9. Danfoss Flowmeters – (now Siemens Process Instruments)
    Magnetic Flow Meters, Mass Flow Meters, V.A. Flow Meters
  10. Status Instruments
    Signal Conditioning and Data Logging
  11. Omega Valves
    Ball Valves, Actuators, Switches, Solenoid Valves