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Omega Valves - Ball Valve
Omega Valves - Ball Valve Flanged
Omega Valves - Waffer Butterfly Valve

Masoneilan 35002 Series Camflex Rotary Control Valve hardened trim long-term improved process control, uptime, & higher process yields
Asteknik Valve Wafer Type 1120 is a butterfly valve and can be used for any general applications
Asteknik Valve High Performance Wafer Type 3320 and lug type 3321 are produced with metal or ptfe seat
Omega Valves 3-Piece Ball Valve KV-L31 Designed to ASME B 16.34 API 608
Omega Valves Flanged Ball Valves KV-L61 Firesafe to API 607 4th 1993, BS6755 Part 2
Soldo Rotary Limit Switchboxes provide a visual and remote electrical indication of quarter turn valve/actuator position