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Signal Conditioning
Signal Conditioning
Signal Conditioning

Status Instruments SEM1600T Suitable for Temperature and Potentiometer Sensors
Status Instruments SEM1600VI Suitable for Current or Voltage Process Signals
Status Instruments SEM1600B Suitable For Strain Gauge / Load Cell Sensors
Status Instruments SEM1600F Suitable For Frequency and Pulse Sensors
Status Instruments SEM1620 Provides 3 Wire Voltage Output For PT100, Thermocouple and Passive mA Signals
Status Instruments SEM1630, SEM1633, SEM1636 Dual Relay Trip Amplifier Range For Temperature and Process Signals
Status Instruments SEM1700 Universal Input With Dual Relay and Process Output Signal
Status Instruments SEM1720 Dual Channel Signal Conditioner For Temperature Sensors With Maths Functions
Status Instruments SEM1750 Dual Channel Process Signal Isolator, Convertor, Splitter With Maths Functions